We are still trying to get used to our school schedule and it has been more than a month since school started. This month has been busy with soccer for 3 boys, cub scouts, scouts, piano lessons, Mad Science, and homework all to be done after school. After the baby was born, we had nothing planned for 2 months, school starting has really changed things up!

Davis is a great baby and is doing all the things he should be doing. He is smiling a lot more now, he is very alert, he loves to be held, and he sleeps wonderfully through the night now. For some reason he smiles the most during diaper changes. He must be a free and natural kind of kid. He is having a bit of trouble napping, but I think that stems from him wanting to watch his brothers at all times. They are very entertaining. So far we can only get him to nap in the swing and while we hold him. His cuteness makes up for his picky napping habits.

Reece is doing great in preschool this year and has made friends there. His teachers say he has been a big helper with the younger kids and special needs kids. He also has made a best friend of the 5 yr old girl next door. We carpool after preschool gets out and most of the time they choose to play together for hours afterwards. They play so well together that I feel like I have free time even when they are here! Reece’s is playing soccer this year and LOVING it. His favorite color still is green and he was horrified to see that Micah got a green uniform and he didn’t. His team has neon yellow. Forgive us, but we totally lied to him to tell him that neon yellow is another shade of green. It made him so much happier. He always corrects his coaches now when they say yellow team to say “It’s GREEN!”

Micah is doing fantastic in first grade. He has a wonderful teacher this year and there are only 14 kids in his class. He is doing first rate first grade work and I am happy to report his handwriting is wonderful. Before we moved here, he was doing well with reading. Then he stopped trying to read after we got here. It was very discouraging to see him not as enthusiastic about reading and school in his new kindergarten class. His confidence levels with trying to read have jumped significantly since last year and I am certain that his new teacher, small class size, starting out the year here, and having 3 recesses again (he was in all day kindergarten in WA which gave him that perk) have done the trick. He is loving school so far this year and I love dropping in to help in his class and seeing him be such a great student.

Isaac is doing good in school. There were not enough kids to make two 4th grade classes, nor enough 5th graders to make 3 classes so they combined some of the kids to make a 4th/5th grade split class. His teacher seems to be great. Isaac has started taking piano again after a long break when we moved here. He does really well when he practices. He is finally able to do this tricky polka song so he is proud of himself and we catch him playing it all the time. I love the sounds of piano practice!

Bryan is still loving work and is getting used to his new calling as scoutmaster. This ward has fantastic boys and great parents to work with. He has his first camp out coming up and the weather looks like it will be raining for it. It will be just like every camp out in Vancouver!

As for me, I have been gradually getting used to making our busy schedule happen and have even been finding some time to exercise a bit at home. BYU TV is my new friend because they have Total Body Fitness on every day at 8 am and they do yoga as well as other routines. I put the baby in the swing and Reece and I work out together. I also make sure we have playgroup at a park where moms can walk. I am busy with cub scouts, taking care of the baby, and regular old housework and have been making time to sew too. Fall is my creative time of the year… I especially can’t wait for Halloween! So many fun things to make and do at this time of the year. And FYI, I am finally starting to like it here. Utah is not so bad.

We celebrated Isaac’s 10th birthday this month. Can you believe we have a 10 year old?!! He is such a good kid and amazes us with his tenacity, stubbornness and good nature. We are so blessed to have that kid in our family. His actual birthday he shared with Davis who was blessed in Sacrament meeting that day. We had an ice skating party for him later that week which was a treat. It is so great to see those kids out on the ice having a great time, smiling and being active.

Thank you to G and G Murdock and G and G Coates who came out for Davis’ baby blessing on September 5th. It was a lovely day and very special to share with family.