We had the opportunity to visit Seattle this last weekend and we had a blast. Grandpa Doug came with us and as always, it was nice to be with him.

  • West Coast Estonian Days Song and Dance Festival

This was the reason in the first place that we needed to go to Seattle. I joined the Portland Estonian folk dance troupe called Tulehoidjhad and they were going to perform at the West Coast Estonian Days Conference on the University of Washington campus. The big event to culminate the week of Esto activities in the Song and Dance Festival. I got to be a part of it this year and boy was it fun. I was with a group of dancers that ranged in age from 5 to somewhere in the 80’s.

We all had to wear Estonian folk costumes and my costume was made for a tiny woman so I had to let the skirt out and then make a new top for it because it was not going to fit on me no matter how hard I sucked in. I also had to make some white pants to wear under it (long bloomers) so I would not flash anyone should I twirl and my skirt flare out enough. I was sewing all week to get ready!

I had a day full of rehearsals and sitting around waiting for my turn to dance. It was fun to be a part of a show and see all the various costumes. I also got to know some of the Portland Estonians better. The other dance troupes and singers were amazing and it was a great show.

Add to it that I had free time in between rehearsals without kids and it was pretty darn fun.

  • Pacific Science Center

Bryan and Grandpa took the kids here while Ily was busy at rehearsals. They enjoyed it. I keep hearing from the kids about the things that go bang show they watched. There also was a cool submarine replica with an eel slide that they like.

  • Swimming in the hotel

This month the boys had swim lessons with friends at a local pool and they are so excited that they are swimming really well now. Isaac was already swimming, but he is better now, and Micah has become a regular fish now that he knows how to swim. I am sure they were thrilled to show off to Grandpa their new goggles and skills.

  • Aquarium
Saturday morning we took the bus from the hotel down to the waterfront and visited the Seattle Aquarium. Isaac really wanted to go here. It does have a cool octopus. My thought is that we have now been there 2 times with the kids and we need never to go back. It is not that big and not much has changed since the last time we went so I think we are done with that for a decade or more. Maybe we will take our grandkids there some day. Will we ever have grandkids? On a side note: We were impressed with our bus driver that morning. He made a guy who had just left his coffee cup on the ground before he got on the bus get off the bus and go throw it away. What a good citizen! And he was a nice bus driver because he helped us find our way to the Aquarium.
  • Bainbridge Island

Our friends Matt and Tiff Weighall live on this island now which is a short 30 minute ferry ride from the waterfront in Seattle. It is a beautiful Island. We got to walk with them down the main strip to get ice cream and then on to their apartment and cuddle with their 2 month old twins Lafe and Gwen. The highlights of this portion include: riding the ferry which the kids described as “just like the airport during an earthquake,” holding babies, walking through the quaint little town of Bainbridge Island, holding babies, seeing Matt and Tiff, and holding babies. The boys were so thrilled to see the babies and they were happy that they all got a chance to hold one of the two babies at almost every minute of our three hour visit. I was pretty pleased to hold babies too. They are such cute babies! Way to go Matt and Tiff for making such cute kids! I worry that our kids will renew pleas for a baby of our own again thanks to the snuggle time with Lafe and Gwen.

We rode the ferry back to Seattle and took public transit back to our car at the hotel and boy were we footsore by the time we got back. Here is what I think about big cities. Cars are useless there. There is no place to park them, and when you do find a place, you still have to walk all over to get where you are going. Public transit is not much better than walking because it took us 1.5 hours to get from the island back to our hotel to get our car to drive home. If we weren’t tired, we might have walked faster. Riding the public transit is a bunch of waiting to get on the next bus, hoping you don’t miss your bus and then your stop (nor go too far past it so you don’t have to spend a lot of time walking back…) Not a very efficient way to travel. Especially with tired kids. Oh well, it added to the adventure. And now we are home to our suburban life which I am so happy about. I love driving to a store with a big parking lot and driving home again without having to carry all my purchases in my arms. Parking lots are AWESOME. Cars ROCK. The only thing buses have over cars is that you do not have to use car seats. Love that. But it doesn’t make want to move to a big city anytime soon so I can use public transit more.

Reece has become more independent now and he kept disappearing the whole trip. He was a hard one to keep track of. On the ferry I chastised him for trying to wander off and he just looked at me with his grumpy face and said “I want to go look out the window” which was not close to us. His expression was one of those “duh mom, how could you be so stupid to not let me wander far away to go look out a window?” faces. I told him he had to have a buddy at all times and he should take an older brother and tell someone before he goes off anywhere. At the Aquarium earlier in the day he actually disappeared completely. For a long time. He was there, then he was gone. It took us a long time to find him. He had gotten bored and wandered back several exhibits to something more interesting. He was chastened by both Grandpa and Dad and earned the right to stay BUCKLED tight into the stroller for the rest of our stay at the aquarium. We have him a little more leeway on the ferry and again he tries to wander off. He has no fear darn him. We may have to start leashing him.

At least it was awesome to have him be potty trained on this trip. This was our first trip EVER with no one in diapers. Wow, life is good.


Julie August 31, 2009 at 7:22 a.m.

Sounds like a fun trip! That little Reece! He is dang cute even when he is being naughty.