Last night we were reading scriptures as a family like we usually do- each person reads a few verses, then when we are done we pray and then we go to bed. We do not have Davis read, probably because he is only 2 years old, but last night he insisted he get a chance. He had to hold the scriptures himself and this is what he said: “... And it came to pass… Behold the Lord said… God… “ and more phrases that regularly are found in the scriptures- all unprompted- were in there too. I wish I could do justice to just how cute and hilarious he was with this. What a cute little boy we have on our hands! And we know he listens now don’t we!

Reece also cannot be left out of the conversation about scripture study. He is our youngest kindergartener by far having a June birthday. Isaac was a September birthday, Micah was a January. They were just plain older when they went to kindergarten. They were solidly at the end of their first grade year before they were independent readers too. Due to family scripture study, we realized that Reece was an independent reader by the end of kindergarten. Late this spring he started just reading the scriptures when it was his turn to read rather than have us prompt him with what to say. This last Sunday he was asked to read the scripture in Primary and we forgot to go in to assist him so the primary president stood by him to help him and was shocked that he did it all by himself except for a a big word or too. That boy sure is surprising us with his capabilities.

Each of our boys is so different. Micah was amazing with fine motor skills and puzzle building at a young age. He just sees how things work. I think he will be a mechanical engineer. He still is the type to observe until he understands how something works. Isaac was always very quick to learn math and science concepts- maybe an something math or engineering related? Though he is pretty good at making friends, maybe a salesman for an engineering company? He sure can sell stuff to Reece easily. Reece and his power of reading and comprehension- possibly and author?- he tells some hilarious stories already. he is so dang creative. Davis may just well be the comic of the family. He is too smart for his barely 2 year old body and already has us amazed by his quick wit.

It is just amazing how each one of these boys that we have is so different even though they come from the same family. I love them all and am so glad we get to be their parents.


Julie August 11, 2012 at 12:01 a.m.

I love your boys! Andy and I just had a good laugh over Davis reading the scriptures!