Ok, so a friend of mine emailed a link to the coupon mom website which teaches people like me to be a strategic shopper (AKA Jennifer Hale who is in my ward and other people like her, though Jennifer may do even more- she is amazing) in plain and simple terms. It is really cool and I was appalled to find that I spent too much on diapers today, but I digress. Oh well, so I was clicking around and found a link to this article on the blog section.

It is hilarious. and yes, I think I spend too much on food too…. even though I make my own bread, I think I totally still spend too much.

So now my curiosity is how much do you spend on your weekly food? I think I actually spend $110 to 150 at Fred’s each time I go which is at least once a week! Usually that does include more than just groceries, though. And sometimes I can run in just for milk and nothing else. And FYI, diapers are cheaper at Fred’s than Target here in Vancouver, and I did not buy them at Fred’s today argh!!! I thought it was the other way around darn it!

Oh well, I am having an aha moment tonight. Maybe I will become a coupon mom here soon.


Gretchen July 24, 2008 at 10:59 a.m.

Hey Ily! This is Gretchen who was in EE with Bryan. I've been stalking your blog...

I think we spend about $100/week on average at the grocery store and Costco combined. And like you, that includes all the non-food stuff like soap and toilet paper, etc. It's hard for me to say for sure, but I know that I go to the grocery store a little less often than every 2 weeks with one milk and fruit run somewhere in between. Those main runs are usually somewhere around $100 with the milk run around $20. Then I spend about $200 every time I go to Costco, which is roughly once a month.

Prices sure have gone up. I remember when we spent more like $80/week. Sure my 2 year old has actually starting eating enough to factor in, but there's definitely been a rise in prices too!

Ily July 30, 2008 at 11:48 p.m.

Good! Stalkers named Gretchen are welcome! What are you up to?

I remember living on $1000 a month total in college living in good ol' Wymount with gas AND rent AND utilities factored in too. Man, we were amazing budgeters then.