“Arches rock!” exclaimed Reece, once he figured out what an arch was. Before that it was, “Stop saying arch!” As we drove to our spring break destination, as we entered Arches National Park, and as we pointed out the unique rock formations that we were seeing in the distance, apparently the 4-year old had finally had enough of hearing the word he just didn’t yet understand. Once he had a chance to see an arch up close and climb around on the red sandstone underneath, he gained an appreciation.

Click on the picture below to see the photos we took of our adventures:

Arches National Park April 2011

We had a good time. Davis did amazingly well on the drive down there and while riding on my back for all the hikes. He mainly just slept. His brothers did well too, running down the trails and climbing up every rock they could. Double Arch was the favorite of the kids and by popular demand we visited that one twice. It was a short hike, two impressively large arches, and lots of slickrock to climb on. It was my favorite too. Sand Dune arch was probably the second favorite. It too was a short hike, and it had an abundance of red sand to play in. Ily’s favorite was Pine Tree arch, off of the Devil’s Garden Trail.

We stayed at the La Quinta hotel in Moab. We ate both nights at Zax. The large variety of food on their menu offered something for everyone in our family. The drive to Moab from Salt Lake was about 4 hours, which wasn’t too bad. The weather was fine, overcast and about 70 degrees the first day, with some wind in the afternoon, and sunny but a little cooler the second day. Davis only slept 4 hours our last night at the hotel. When we got home we discovered that his first tooth had finally broken through. Maybe that’s why he didn’t sleep? Who knows, but overall, it was a really nice family vacation.