I blessed Reece this weekend. We had Grandma and Grandpa Coates, my parents, and Julie with us, which was really fun. On Saturday we took them to see HP and the nearby elementary school that Isaac will start in a few weeks. Then we had some brunch at the new Rose’s Bakery. After that we showed them the beautiful Lacamas Park. We hiked to the dam and threw rocks in the lake with the grandpas. After that we picked Julie up from the airport and cruised down to Beaverton to drive by Melinda and Benj’s future home and work. We ate dinner in Beaverton at a little strip-mall McMennamins. The staff was appropriately tattooed and pierced to make us feel like we were at a downtown Portland restaurant, not out in the 'burbs. They were incredibly nice too, and seemed to enjoy having the kiddos there. For desert we did go downtown, to the Pearl District, to have some gelato. There was a nice little park across the street where the boys had a blast running around looking for fish in the pond, dripping their ice-cream all over their shirts, and watching the Portland Street Car go by.

Sunday just before church we set up Grandpa Coates’ and my cameras on timers and took family pictures. It was hilarious how many tries it took us to get one where we were all in the right place and looking at the camera. It wasn’t even the boys’ fault every time. One from my camera turned out pretty well, we haven’t had a good look at Grandpa’s yet. At church was the baby blessing, of course. This is the first of the three boys that we’ve blessed in church. The first two were done at home, Isaac on purpose, and Micah because the power went out at the church that day. I was a little more nervous at church, but not much, and it went fine. Reece sat quietly during the blessing, and everyone else cried.

After church we had a nice dinner together and then went for a walk at a park on the river. We said our goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa Coates that night because their flight home was early this morning. It was really fun to have some family with us this weekend. I think Isaac, Micah, and Reece especially enjoyed the attention.