Reece said to my mother when she visited in May: “Our new house is boring. It doesn’t have a sandbox in the backyard.”

We had to fix that. I should have been nesting and getting ready for a baby, instead I get a crazed idea to build a sandbox for Reece’s birthday. I bought the materials for the box at Home Depot, brought it home, and then made Bryan do all the work to put it together because my pregnant belly was in the way. The finished box is 8’ x 8’, has a lid to keep unwanted cats from using it as a litter box, and has 1.2 tons of sand in it. It could use another ton of sand too. We underestimated just how much we needed with such a big sandbox.

Click on the picture to see more sandbox pics.

Towne House Sandbox


Chelsey Gooch August 14, 2010 at 9:27 p.m.

That is so awesome!! You guys are so creative! What a fun thing!