So the tubes are in Reece’s ears and we know, absolutely know, he doesn’t have ear problems. So why does he persist in being grumpy and not sleeping? It turns out that he has 4 little top teeth coming in. I forgot how miserable teething was and now that I am going through it again, I am realizing why I hate baby teeth! He still has happy times in the day, but oh how he has a hard time sleeping! The poor little guy will be so tired that his eyes are red and puffy and he can hardly keep them open, but as soon as you lay him down he hollers at you to say “NO, it is not OK to lay me down!” For the past few days, I have only gotten him to nap while I have been holding him.

I think he is finally starting to feel better now though because for the first time in a long while, he slept through the night last night (Hallelujah!). I hope some more of the teeth broke through. One is out, once they all are out he will hopefully be back to his perfectly happy self.