500 yard swim. 12 mile bike. 3.1 mile run. Oh my.

We did it! We really entered a race. A sprint triathlon actually. If we are in the first 320 people to have entered online for the Beaver Freezer on OSU campus (not Oklahoma state university- I wish it was), Bryan and I will be doing a triathlon as a team relay. Are we crazy? You bet! Are we excited? Heck yeah! Team “Murdock Fever” will be crossing the finish line with tears of joy/ pain in our eyes. It should be great. Here’s to training!


shannon February 2, 2008 at 8:41 p.m.

that's so great that you guys are doing this together! I bet you will have so much fun!
So, if it's called the Beaver Freezer, what month does it take place in? I'm guessing it's not june, july or august.