So it is the middle of the night. I am awake darn it. I should be sleeping, but my mind can’t stop panicking about random things. I figure I better write it all down so I won’t keep freaking out anymore or something.

So here is a list of what is bothering me:

I am helping a friend with her daughter’s wedding on Friday. She hasn’t returned my last email! Granted it was sent today, and I know she has been busy all day, but for some reason I am freaking out.

Isaac turns 8 next week! I keep thinking “why did I have a baby at such a busy time of the year?!!!!!” I have had fun planning for his baptism, but his party has gone horribly by the way side. It is hard to find a time when you can have a party because all of his friends are in and out of town and they are trying to get ready for back to school, spend family time together before schools starts, and whatever else busy stuff always comes up for the end of August and beginning of September. So he has chosen a simple enough party idea (he wants to go climb rocks at Lucia falls with his friends), but I don’t know if his friends can make it the day we chose and since he is only inviting a few friends I don’t want his feelings hurt if someone doesn’t show.

Isaac turning 8 means he starts cub scouts. When is his den meeting? When will I find time to go get him a cub scout uniform? Why did I have to think of this in the middle of the night?

I also read a very disturbing book for book club that is this week. I finished The Giver by Lois Lowry this afternoon. It made me cry. It made me so sad. It was one of those Utopia books that make you realize Utopia is awful… It was beautifully written, but very much disturbed me. I hate reading disturbing books. They affect me so much! I get depressed for way too long afterwards. Bryan is going to start banning books from our house just so I won’t go into fits of depression after reading them. Oh man, I am so wimpy.

Maybe I am awake from 3 am until now because I went to bed at 10:30 for once instead of later. I was dead tired. And now I predict that I will be even more tired tomorrow!