Years ago, a little play tent was given to us by Aunt Melinda for a Christmas present. The base is only about three feet by three feet when the tent is set up, and there is no floor. The boys have often expressed a desire to sleep in it at night, and we have always said, no. This last week, after we had put them to bed, they snuck out of their beds, set up the tent and got in it. When we peeked in to check on them we saw a tent with two inert sets of feet poking out of it in the middle of their floor. Out of curiosity we lifted the tent up to see inside. There were Micah and Isaac, sharing the same pillow, snuggled up next to each other, sound asleep. We couldn’t take a picture because we know Micah isn’t a very sound sleeper. But it was so cute.

When we checked on them in the morning, they were sleeping in their beds, and the tent wasn’t even out anymore. Isaac said that they set it up and they had had to share the same pillow because their wasn’t enough room for two, and it was kind of “squishy” in there (they were pretty grumpy the next day too). To me this is proof that they really do love each other, because there they were sharing a pillow that they had nearly fought to the death over in the past.


Melinda October 17, 2006 at 8:24 p.m.

They are so cute :-)