Well, now that Micah is 3 years old I have noticed that he has shown some signs of readiness for using the potty. For a while there I was reading every picture book available in our library system to him about using the potty. He thought they were fun, but was smart enough to tell that I was trying to get him to like the idea of him using the potty. No desire to actually USE the potty was manifested by him. He even got bored with the potty books and refused to read them anymore… I think he was smart enough to realize I was trying to brainwash him into using the potty.

I guess I am finally desperate because I went back to the good ol’ “$75 and naked method.” That means Micah gets to be naked from the waist down (only when we are home and there are no guests around) and I get to pay $75 when he is finally potty trained to get my carpets cleaned. I guess with inflation I really should call it $300 and naked because there aren’t too many places that would clean my whole house full of carpet for just $75.

It did work though. Micah has used the potty! He peed in it yestereday and we did a celebratory dance for him and he even got to wear a “Prince of the Potty” crown that I made. We even serenaded him with his favorite song as an extra reward (the song is Popcorn Popping in case you are interested). Hopefully, this is the beginning of a very happy achievement in Micah’s life.