Several weeks ago we loaded all of the bikes, the bike trailer, water bottles, and some snacks, and don’t forget us too into the family minivan so we could go biking as a family along the Porter Rockwell trail. This is a trail in Draper that was put in next to an abandoned railroad track. It goes on for at least 6 or 7 miles and is pretty much straight and flat, because guess what, railroads are pretty much straight and flat too. It is a great trail to take your kids on for an easy enjoyable ride with lovely views.

It was so much work getting everything into the van. It was so much work convincing the kids they would have fun doing this with us. We attempted to go early in the morning, but let’s face it, it was at least 10 by the time we actually got there. We persist in doing hard things such as this if for no other reason than to create good memories. It ended up being a fun ride for us.

The beginning of the trail is adjacent to a nice city park in Draper that has paved trails that are perfect for riding bikes on also. Reece is just learning how to actually steer and control a bike so it was a great place for him to practice with his training wheels the skills of steering and using breaks. The first time we went on the long Porter Rockwell trail, we made him ride in the trailer since he lacked some riding skills. We did however let him ride around the park trails and he started to learn the skill of using his brakes and he enjoyed himself.

I decided Reece needed a chance to ride that trail because he is getting better at biking and he needed a long ride to give him a feeling of success. We also needed to do something fitness oriented since we have been sitting around too much this week. So today I decided to load up the van for me and the kids to go on a bike ride at the very same Porter Rockwell Trail.

Let me just say it: I shed tears trying to load the van because lots of things went wrong. I won’t go into details, but just imagine how hard it is to fit 4 bikes and a bike trailer into a van and still have room for 5 people. I almost gave up. But I had invited a friend to come too so I could not give up. I had to make it happen.

I am glad I did. We had success riding the trail. Reece was happy to have ridden 2.5 miles. The older boys actually rode 6.5 miles because they got to go on ahead of us with my friend Nicole while I stayed back with Reece and both of our babies in the trailer. Those big boys think they are pretty cool for having ridden so far. The babies did not enjoy the ride as much, but they were not super miserable. They had fun at the park after the ride at least so they ended to trip on a happy note.

Reece was so excited that he made a new friend at the park after we were done riding bikes. His new friend is 5 just like him. This little boy and Reece played together for quite a while. When we were in the parking lot loading up the van to go home 9(o tears this time), this little boy passed us in his car and he rolled down his window and waved and yelled “Bye John!” at us. Who’s John? Oh yeah, that is my son. Sort of.