****************Short version*******************************************

We have become a one car family once again. The spring and cables that allow the garage door go up on Bryan’s side gave up the ghost and his car is trapped in the garage. It sure looks cute in there, but it isn’t very helpful.

****************Long Version*************

Once upon a time we were a one car family. When we first got married, we had no need for two cars. When we bought our first house, we made sure it was close enough to work (1 mile- so nice) so that we would not need two cars.

Then Bryan got was asked to work with the scouts at church and he needed a car once a month to go on camp outs with. We were blessed to have the means to have two cars at that time. It was a nice luxury to have both cars. After he was released from that responsibility, his car hardly ever was driven. It also ended up needing lots of repairs, especially the more we did not drive it. It was costing too much to own a car that was driven at most 15 miles a week (that is a generous estimate) so we decided to go back to being a one car family. It worked for us at the time.

Bryan got a new job a year ago where he needed to commute 75 miles to work and 75 miles back… So we got him a car. He only stayed at that job for about 6 months before we decided we just aren’t a commuting family so he found a job in Utah where we could live closer to work. We have thought about how Bryan’s car now drives him 2 miles to work and two miles home plus occasional runs to sports games and practices and maybe it just isn’t worth having the second car yet once again. Instead of selling it though, we renewed the tags and are using it to putter around town.

But today, our house decided for us that we need to be a one car family this week. Bryan tried to drive the kids to school this morning only to find that the garage door spring is broken and he can’t get his car out of the garage. That darn wood garage door is too heavy to lift so his car is stuck looking pretty in the garage. We are sharing our one available car yet once again. I kinda chuckle that we had been thinking about maybe going back to being a one car family and now we are forced to do it for a few days. Having two cars is a luxury I will miss these next few days, but it won’t be too bad I am guessing. Driving Bryan the two miles to and from work will not be a huge burden by any means. He could even ride his bike there (except that hill coming home honestly could make him pass out).

This may be the only day I ever say that I am glad we have three separate garage doors rather than a double door and a single door. I can at least still park in the garage. Though I am afraid to now that my van might get stuck in the garage too. The likelihood of those parts in both of those doors we currently use being the same age and mine being about to break also is pretty big!

  • Update *************************

The door is fixed and the verdict is that we are not ready to be a one car family again. And in case you were interested, we liked Affordable Garage Doors service here in Salt Lake. They did a great job.


Dad Murdock May 14, 2010 at 11:02 a.m.

We had alot of trouble with our heavy garage doors and spring breakage. The new lighter weight doors are much better but now our supossedly "state of the art" opener is very unreliable. When the wind blows it often will only open or close part way. Good luck.