Bryan and I have been tackling the 4 boxes of apples plucked from our trees this year. They have been doing nicely in our garage for a now, but if we wait any longer they will be rotten and not fit for consumption. We have been taking the less than prime apples and turning them into juice with our juicer steamer. It is the prettiest cooking device we own. All shiny and elegant actually.

We cut the yucky buggy parts out of the apples, cut the apples up into 1/8ths (to increase surface area from which to steam the juice out from), and let the steam go to work for a few hours.

It takes forever, but it does make some wowie zowie delicious juice. It may be drudgery to sit for hours cutting apples (3 boxes total so far) but that juice can be made into the most delicious apple cider. So after hours of work I actually took a moment to sit… yes I know, I don’t just sit much… and sip some cider and read a book. It was blissful.

4 half gallons canned so far. That is a lot of juice! And there is more juice yet to can. Apple pie filling will be the next project for this weekend.