We had the rare treat of having Greg and Mindy Henry, some old neighbors of ours from Wymount (married student housing at BYU), as guests this last weekend. Our first children were born a month apart and they played together often. My favorite memory of Isaac and Janae Henry playing was when they took all of the pots out of a cabinet at Mindy’s and climbed in themselves. It was super cute!

After the Henry’s graduated they moved off to Virginia so Greg could be a Math teacher (my same profession if I chose (meaning “forced”) to work). They would be living closer to family since that is where they grew up and they were excited. We moved to Washington state which is way far from them. Their family has grown and it has been fun to keep in touch since well, they are such great people! Soon after they moved out to Virginia, their whole family moved away… back to Utah actually! After a bit they decided to move back to Utah so Greg could pursue a Master’s in Math Education and what do you know but we get to visit them when we go visit Family in Utah- lucky for us!

This year was a special treat because of all the places to have a family reunion, they had one out here at the Oregon coast and had to drive thru Vancouver on the way home. It was so great to see them and let our kids play and stay up late after the kids went down to play Settlers of Zarahemla. Micah, who is our 3 year old, and Easton who is their 4 year old, were and interesting pair. I thought Micah was an anomaly because he is so much tougher and more physical and so much more of a bruiser than Isaac ever was. Well, I guess it turns out that the second child must always fit that role or something because Micah has met his match with Easton! Both are great kids and I loved watching them interact, but I had to laugh at how alike they are and how we had to do quite a few time outs for those two. It is just reassuring that others suffer from the same wonderful types of children as we do!

I was wiped out from the fun of having our house guests (and all the stuff I had to do to get our cub scouts ready for day camp this week) that I just about couldn’t even make it to my bed before I could start my Sunday afternoon nap. I almost fell asleep eating lunch. That just makes me think “wow, if was that tired, just how tired are Greg and Mindy?!” I hope they made it home ok after their huge trip out here. Traveling with kids is way more exhausting than anything I have ever done and therefore makes any rest taken on a vacation null and void! I hope they have a few days to recover from their trip!


Mindy August 6, 2007 at 11:13 a.m.

I posted a comment here a few weeks ago about how much fun we had with your family. Did you ever get? It doesn't seem to be here now. Just wondering.

Bryan August 10, 2007 at 1:54 p.m.

Mindy, I seem to remember that comment. I got a new computer and moved the website over to it not too long ago. I'll bet your comment got lost in the transition somehow. I'm sorry. Hopefully I didn't lose any others!

Mindy August 11, 2007 at 4:19 p.m.

Oh good! Just wanted to make sure you got to at least read it. Thanks!