The Oklahoma Adventure has come to an end. Yes, we made it the whole way there and back, and actually had quite a fun time. I’m sure it will seem like it was even more fun as some of the driving memories fade and the memories of time with friends and family grow fonder.

I will never have the time to type up each day like I did the for July 4th, so here is the outline that Ily and I came up with for the rest of the days of the trip. I also added the last few days that we’ve had at home, just to completely catch you up. Some pictures and video will be posted later, but honestly, don’t hold your breath.

If you have any questions or want more details on anything (like how the police unjustly baited Bryan in Oregon), please comment and we’ll do our best.


  • Science museum in OKC, eat lunch there, go to planetarium, gymnastics hall of fame, and the explosion show-and yes, the explosion show was the coolest.
  • Go to the grocery store, and crazy enough, in Walmart Ily meets no one that she knows. That is very uncommon for her there in Oklahoma.
  • Watch movies, eat chips and dip, Bryan starts reading One Minute Millionaire
  • Go to the Orgills to try and catch Ily’s old friend Randy (one of Richard’s brothers). End up at Richard’s birthday party instead.


  • Family lunch: creamy chicken spaghetti recipe from my friend Shannon Browns’ blog. This recipe is amazing! Thanks Shannon!
  • Church in Edmond, see some of Ily’s old high-school friends there.
  • Ily visits the Crane family while kids nap and Bryan finishes One Minute Millionaire (took more than a minute, and he’s still not a millionaire)
  • We hang out with Joe Orgill, another one of Richards brothers and Ily’s old friend, at Richard’s house.


  • Swim at Melders (Peery family friends) backyard pool in OKC. Bryan gets sunburned. We all have a great time.
  • Drive to Hayes, KS and experience a big midwest thunderstorm with rain that almost forces us off the road.


  • Head for Ft. Collins, CO
  • Stop at Denver to see Kelley Larsen and rest during another huge thunderstorm
  • Arrive in Ft. Collins
  • Play Wii with the Wrights, decide Nolan’s Wii Sensor Bar isn’t powerful enough for how far his couch is from his TV and make plans to fabricate a new, more better one.


  • Get subs from Silver Mine Subs
  • Buy components for a new mo’ better “sensor bar”
  • Go to the Lee Martinez farm and watch the kids go wild feeding sheep.
  • Go to Poudre river where Ily, Bryan, and Nolan fully submerge themselves in glacier water and the boys throw mud at each other.
  • Build prototype sensor bar, it works smashingly
  • Play Ruckus (card game)


  • Kids play in the yard
  • Go to the Ft. Collins science center
  • Eat dinner in Loveland at Old Chicago. Ily says her pizza was delicious.
  • Take the kids to see Wall-E. Ily decides that it is part Teletubbies when Reece begins yelling, “Eva!” and “Wall-e!” at the screen along with the movie. Bryan has to admit similarities: both shows feature extremely simple dialog (if any), strange machines, and rotund humanoids in jumpsuits. Seriously though, he thought it was cool and the boys loved it.
  • Work on final version of mo’ better sensor bar
  • Play Seafarers of Cataan.


  • See some camels in Colorado just before the Wyoming border.
  • See bulbous moon rocks in Wyoming again.
  • Take an emergency potty stop on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, WY.
  • Arrive at Grandma’s in Salt Lake tired and headachey. Some food, rest, and a walk to the park help.


  • Visit Aunt Jennie’s newly remodeled house in Holiday, UT. It’s beautiful. Kids have fun on the trampoline.
  • Visit cousin Josh’s house in Highland, UT. Swim in their pool (Bryan wears sunscreen this time), have snacks, and climb on the world war II tank.
  • Leave UT at 6pm and drive to Twin Falls in about 3 1/2 hours. Stay at Ameritel Inn again.


  • Attend Twin Falls 10th ward sacrament meeting at 9:30 on a whim, I mean uh, due to inspiration (wasn’t in our original plans).
  • Get on the road at 11.
  • Idaho never looked so good.
  • Bryan gets a speeding ticket just past Ontario, OR (speed limit drops from 75 to 65 when you go from Idaho to Oregon. Bryan and Oregon are not on good terms right now).
  • The Dalles never looked so good.
  • Trip odometer hits 4,600 miles exactly just a couple miles from home.
  • Make it home by 7:30, and there is much rejoicing!


  • Bryan wakes up with a sore neck.
  • Bryan takes van to get first oil change, plus a vacuum and car wash.
  • Ily swims laps in the evening and feels like a fish returned to water.


  • Bryan goes on a long (for him) bike ride and it feels very refreshing.
  • Take Reece in to the doctor because he is happy all day but won’t sleep at night. He has a fever all day too, but it won’t stop him from having fun.
  • Bryan and Ily celebrate 9th anniversary by trying a new (to us) Mexican restaurant in Washougal called, Los Dos Compadres. Their Carne Asada is excellent.
  • Isaac and Micah have their first soccer games of the season. Micah scores a gooooaaaaal.
  • Bryan and Ily continue anniversary celebration by watching a movie (Avatar actually) and then taking care of a screaming Reece (he’s got an ear infection- wahoo…. fun for us).


  • Micah has soccer practice
  • Ily watches Carly and Lauren Ray so that their mom Karen can attend Cub Scout Day camp with her oldest Kenny who is just a few months older than Isaac. Ily is so excited that Isaac will be going next year too! The countdown to age 8 is getting exciting.
  • I’m sure that’s not all that happened, but it’s late and I can’t remember what else was exciting this day.


  • Ily picks the first blueberries of the season. They are delicious.
  • Bryan plays Ultimate Frisbee at work and has much fun.
  • Isaac has soccer practice.


Steffenie July 18, 2008 at 8 a.m.

Do you still have those plums in your backyard? I am very jealous. I was supposed to get some berry bushes to commemorate the birth of Clara, but they somehow never got planted and are dead by now. We loved having you guys here!
Glad you made it home in one piece.

Ily July 18, 2008 at 2:26 p.m.

We still have those plums. They are yummy. Wanna drive out late August to eat some? Ha, ha. We know it is for a sure a 2 day drive from your neck of the woods in Colorado. We'd love to have you though and tire you out just like you tired us out!

Lydia August 8, 2008 at 6:58 a.m.

Oh my goodness; I miss the OKC Science Museum! I used to eat lunch there when I worked at the zoo next door. And, I remember when you and I saw 4th of July fireworks together from the UCO campus. I haven't been back to the OKC-area in about 13 years...