After we ate at Pops last night and bought souvenir hats and shirts (Isaac and Micah wanted the Route 66 hats with flames on them), we went and took pictures in front of the Round Barn, another Route 66 landmark in Oklahoma. It was closed though, so we didn’t stay long. It was about time to find where we were staying and get the boys to bed, so we followed our directions to the Orgill’s house. Richard is the older brother of one of Ily’s best friends from high school and he and his family were very nice to let us crash at their house while we were in Oklahoma. Everyone slept well, except for me at first. Their yard has a lot of trees that are full of cicadas, an incredibly noisy bug that we don’t have up in the Great Northwest. You seriously couldn’t carry on a conversation without yelling a little outside their house. Earplugs were a lifesaver for me, even though the cicadas didn’t seem to bother anyone else.

The next morning we got up early (for us, we pretty much stayed on Pacific Time the whole trip) and went to the 4th of July Parade in Edmond. I have been to a parade or two in my life and I can honestly say that I have never seen more Shriners in my life. I think they made up a good 3/4 of the parade. Ily’s mom had saved us a good spot in the shade and the boys enjoyed all the motorcycles, horses, and old cars. It was great.

After the parade we drove to Oklahoma City, picked up Ily’s grandma and went to T.G.I.Fridays for lunch. We pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves (I guess because of the holiday) and the boys were being really good so we took our time, ate, and played a dice game together called Toss up.

After that we went back to Ily’s parents’ house and relaxed until fireworks time. When it got later we drove down the street to University of Central Oklahoma campus and found a grassy spot to watch the fireworks from. Even though we knew nobody around us at first it felt like a ward activity. Everyone was playing frisbee or soccer together and watching out for each others kids and just being neighborly like that. People are friendly in Oklahoma. Some friend of Ily’s mom from her ward found us and their kids had fun running around with ours.

When it got dark the fireworks started and scared poor Reece to death. I held his ears and covered his eyes and he eventually calmed down. Isaac and Micah loved the show. Ily and I thought it was great too. It was a fun 4th of July.