11:00 am: Leave Manhattan, KS. The kids spent time playing out in the Knapps’ yard and Isaac explored the creek with his cousin Tanner before we left. We also bought gas the night before for $3.95/gallon. $62.49 total.

12:00 pm: Stopped for lunch in Salina at a McDonald’s with not only a Play Place, but with free wi-fi too (it’s at exit 90), so we upload a few overdue blog entries while the kids play. 78 degrees outside, much cooler than yesterday, and less humid too. We also noticed that our trip odometer hits 2000 miles in Salina.

3:30 pm: Potty break at McDonald’s. 84 degrees. Ily says it feels nice and realizes it’s been 8 years since she has been home (in OK) in the summer.

3:53 pm: Pay a toll for the Kansas Turnpike. Only $1.60. That Denver turnpike is definitely not getting our business again.

5:23 pm: Arrive in Edmond, OK, and then drive down Route 66 a few miles to Arcadia, OK to meet Ily’s parents at Pops for dinner.

Yes, we made it to Oklahoma!!

And if you are being very technical, we did not go all the way to OKC (Oklahoma City) on our OKC Adventure today. Edmond, where Ily’s parents live, is a close suburb of OKC. We’ll head into OKC proper tomorrow to visit her grandma.