10:30 am: Depart for Manhattan, KS. Ily is at the wheel. Around 85 degrees. There are actually a other cars on the road in Colorado!

11:00 am: 90 degrees already. Bryan is a little surprised at how flat this “mountain state” is. Oh sure, we can see big mountains in the distance, but the cities here aren’t nestled up against them like in Utah.

11:35 am: Hit the toll booth on E-470 that goes around Denver, CO. $2!! Ily is more familiar with toll roads than Bryan, and she thinks this is pretty steep.

11:40 am: Another toll booth! Another $2!

11:45 am: Yep, one more toll booth. $6 to drive around Denver! Insane! It wasn’t even that fast with all the tollbooth stops.

11:48 am: Got on I-70 and away from that rip-off road. 90 degrees, Ily still at the wheel. Avatar disk is finished, boys eat some snacks and listen to the book, “Howliday Inn.”

1:00 pm: Stop at Limon, CO for lunch. McDonald’s doesn’t have Play Place! We decide we might as well eat somewhere else then and go to Arby’s. Reece creates his own Play Place by climbing up the backs of benches and rolling on the floor with Micah.

1:45 pm: Depart Arby’s with Ily at the wheel. 94 degrees.

1:57 pm: Pass Arriba, CO. Sign says it’s 5228 feet in elevation. The landscape is flat as a pancake.

Here’s something we forgot to document from Monday. Ily was sleeping in the passenger seat and one of the boys (who will remain anonymous) was holding a bag of crackers. For some reason he decided that when he was done he would just drop them over the seat in front of him. They landed behind Ily’s neck. We aren’t sure exactly when this happened or how long they sat back there as she tossed and turned, but when she woke up and leaned forward a bit, cracker crumbs went all down the back of her shirt and pants and onto the seat. She was pretty shocked.

2:30 pm: Enter Kansas and pass north of the highest point in Kansas, “Mount” Sunflower which is 4039 feet tall. Bryan’s GPS indicated that we were at about 3700 feet on the highway. That may be why we couldn’t quit pick it out on the horizon.

3:10/4:10 pm: Enter Central Timezone. 100 degrees outside, and Micah and Reece are fighting over a blanket. Air conditioning must be working.

5:00 pm: Stop in Colby, KS to stretch legs, switch drivers, and fill up the gas tank. Like home, the lowest octane is 87, but unlike home, it’s only (only?!?) $3.99/gallon. There is also a playground at this gas station, but it’s too hot outside for the kids to really enjoy it. Bryan decides that 100 degrees in Kansas is hotter than 100 degrees in Idaho. Bryan at the wheel.

8:00 pm: Bryan actually has a need to turn the steering wheel. The plains have been replaced by hills and trees around Salina. Kansas is looking pretty. 88 degrees.

8:30 pm: Arrive at Bryan’s cousin’s house in Manhattan, KS (home of the Kansas State University Wildcats). Bryan steps out of the car and is immediately soaking wet. He is embarrassed that he ever complained about “humidity” in the Northwest. The green rolling hills are amazingly beautiful (prettier than the Northwest, or just a much welcome contrast to desolate Wyoming and the endless plains of east Colorado and west Kansas?) and fireflies are just cool. The boys have fun exploring the Knapps’ backyard and chicken coop. We all have fun chatting and then hit the sack at about 11.