9:55 am: Again, no early start again today. We had nice morning at Grandma Coate’s house. Bryan is at the tiller again and it is 86 degrees. We are heading east on I-80 on a road we don’t remember driving on before. It is pretty green. Oh wait, there’s Park City, we have driven this before.

11:30 am: Stop at Evanston, WY for gas. $3.89/gallon. Purchase a road atlas. 95 degrees. Leaving with Bryan handling the tiller. We pass many windmills that are not moving.

12:16 pm: It looks like we are driving on the moon.

1:14 pm: Watching Avatar. Eating nutter butters, Grandma Sycamores bread, oreos, and crackers. Counting prairie dogs: 3 (alive) so far.

1:20 pm: Pass Bar X Road. 86 degrees. Lots of billboards for steakhouses. Ily almost wants to stop and eat tons.

1:33 pm: Elevation 6930 feet, we cross the continental divide and a truck emitting lots of black smoke. We don’t think it passed emissions.

1:49 pm: Car miles we have driven this trip so far: 1023 at mile marker 183 on highway 80. When we started this trip we had just over 1000 miles on this new van.

3:00 pm: After watching the car in front of us get pulled over, we stop in Rawlins, WY at yet another McDonald’s with a Play Place for lunch. Bryan sneaks over to Subway to grab lunch for Ily and him.

3:56 pm: On the road again with Bryan at the tiller. The boys are watching another Avatar disk.

5:30 pm: Potty break just past Cheyenne, WY at a huge fireworks stand. We leave quickly when we see a man smoking in the parking lot. Bryan manning the tiller.

6:00 pm: Arrive at Steff and Nols place in Severance, CO (just outside Ft. Collins, CO)). Hooray! We have a nice evening with the Wrights with the boys jumping on the tramp and the adults playing games.