Yesterday was another one of the days where the kids help you learn a new skill whether you want it or not. I was out of the room when this learning situation started, but I sure noticed it quick!

It was 9 am and I had just finished breakfast and needed to get dressed quickly so we could take Isaac to school at 10 so he could join all the kindergarteners for a field trip to the ballet to see the Nutcracker. I had to get everyone ready, which takes almost 45 minutes, which was all I had left. So I go into the kitchen for something and find THE SPILL.

Now this was not spilled milk, nor spilled crayons, or anything that could be taken care of later. It was cooking oil, almost half a gallon of it! I am pretty sure Micah was the culprit who spilled it. The spill was huge, maybe 5 feet in diameter and I couldn’t even get into the kitchen unless I had really long legs to leap over this spill. It blocked the way between the pantry and the peninsula, the only route to the kitchen. Unfortunately, it was all over the floor of the pantry too. Fortunately, everything on the pantry floor was either a can or in a bucket or plastic container of some sort.

Now years ago when Isaac was two, something similar happened. He was helping me clear the table and dropped an entire stick of softened butter on the kitchen floor. We ended up greasing him down and pushing him back an forth across the kitchen. It was fun, but took forever to clean up. Several mop heads later it was still greasy on our floor. Made for a great memory.

This time around I was not as inclined to try to greased child game. It took over an hour to clean up just the one area of the floor. I was working feverishly to get it done so no one would get injured and I could get it done before the next feeding for Reece. At least I have learned that dish soap is the best thing to use. Luckily a nice neighbor took Isaac to school for me with her own child and he made it there on time. I looked like a tornado hit me because I was a total mess, still in my ugly PJ’s, covered in oil, crazy everywhere hair… and when my visiting teacher stopped by around 10:30 I was horrified that she had to see me in this state and panicked that I had forgotten they were coming. She was just dropping of a nice Christmas gift and I think she went home exulting that at least she doesn’t look like I did every morning when she wakes up!

Overall, it was yucky, but it does go down in my book of experiences to laugh about. And there are a few bright sides to the story:

A) my floor hasn’t been this clean in weeks…I dare say we could eat off of it, which no doubt the kids will do anyhow. B) Since all the ingredients for bread were already on the counter (because I cleaned the oil off their containers and had them there to dry), Micah and I got to play with dough and have a great time making bread. C) My hands are nicely moisturized from the oil…

I hope it doesn’t happen again, but we do have another another child that will eventually turn two. And at least the experience gave me something to complain/ laugh about!


Steffenie December 17, 2006 at 1:25 a.m.

Oh my goodness! I would freak out. The pushing Isaac across the floor does sound like fun. Think we could do that with Nolan?

Ily September 9, 2008 at 12:04 a.m.

I have since learned that kitty litter and oatmeal are both very good at absorbing the oil. Sprinkle a ton of either of those items on the oil slick and it is much easier to clean up.