Yesterday was one of those awful sunny Sundays. I say awful because it was GLORIOUS and sunny and would have been a perfect day to go swimming in a river, or a pool in your driveway, or at the local pool, or go hiking, or ride bikes all day. I hate Sundays like that. They make me ill. All because it is the Sabbath and we don’t do those things on Sundays.

So because it was Bee-you-ti-ful, I was a little grumpy. Add to it that I was tired from the work in the garage (reorganizing) and the kitchen (when we removed some stuff and put it out in the garage we found lots of places that needed cleaning) and that the boys had potty accidents in bed and so I had like 4 loads of laundry to do on the Sabbath and you get one really unpleasant woman. We made it to church, late again because the boys horsed around instead of getting ready like we asked them to, and we were not in the best of moods. I fought the urge the whole time to just get up and leave and go take a nap out on the lawn instead of attending my meetings.

I suffer through the meetings with a totally bitter heart and then get called out of Primary because Reece has leaked through his diaper and his pants are totally wet. Never mind that his diaper is pretty much mostly dry. I had changed it in a hurry on the way out the door to church, I must have put it on wrong. Argh. I did have a clean diaper with me, but not pants for the kid other than sweatpants in the car. On an 83 degree day (I swear it was that hot in the church too) I worried he would overheat, not to mention, look really silly because the sweatpants didn’t fit anymore. Well, I took the opportunity to drive home and get him new pants. I was very tempted to stay there and take a nap. But I didn’t. Oh how I wanted too!

This whole entry is just my way to vent about how much I hate pee. It caused me lots of loads of agony on a sunny Sabbath day. Instead of having a day of rest, I had a day of drudgery cleaning up after the incontinence aftermath. I think I want everyone to wear pull-ups until they are 18 in my house from now on.


Janelle Ehat May 19, 2009 at 12:29 p.m.

I love that you changed the title of this post! That cracks me up! "I hate Pee" worked just as well! You're awesome Ily!