Caution, this is a dorky I love modern technology entry. It is kinda boring, unless you like cooking.

Today I decided to cook a turkey. It is no special holiday today, but the turkey was in my freezer leftover from Thanksgiving sales and I decided it was time to cook it. The main reason for making the turkey is so that I don’t have to cook the whole rest of the week. Leftover heaven at our house.

What goes with a turkey dinner? Well, there has to be homemade mashed potatoes for sure. The 10 lb bag of potatoes was so inexpensive that I decided, heck, I’ll just make a whole ten pounds of mashed potatoes and use them up in casseroles and eat some for snacks and we’ll eat them all week with the turkey leftovers.

So I peeled and cooked all 10 lbs with Micah’s help today. When it came time to mash them, I dreaded getting out the hand mixer so I could get potatoes all over my house because of the back splashing of delicious potato goo. Then I realized, the bosch can probably do it.

Amazingly, all 10 pounds fit in it, plus butter and cream… and it mashed them all with the cookie paddles in record time. And yes, those potatoes where so good. To keep them warm I put them in my big crockpot and they filled the pot all the way to the top. It felt like I was emptying a magic refilling cooking pot. So I don’t know how it all fit in the mixer, but man, that machine has a huge mixing capacity and it has stepped up even higher in my esteem as the coolest machine ever made. No potato goo all over the kitchen (the nice lid held it all in), my arm didn’t get tired mixing forever, it was mashed and mixed in less than two minutes… it might have been shorter, but I just liked watching it mix. Overall, I have to say, that when I have daughter-in-laws (I have no hope of ever giving birth to a girl), they are getting bosch mixers from me for their birthdays or Christmas. And if we win the lottery sometime soon, then I will be buying one for every woman I know.

***Lottery games are based on chance and should be played for entertainment purposes only.


Steffenie January 30, 2008 at 1:15 p.m.

You are hilarious Ily! I do hope you win the lottery so I can get one! I didnt know they were so cool.

shannon January 30, 2008 at 8:35 p.m.

lol. Glad to hear you are LOVING your mixer!