So this month Davis has experienced his first double ear infections that won’t go away. After 20 straight days of 2 different kinds of antibiotics, I gave up and decided we just have to suffer. Sign us up for tubes at 6 months, please! I look forward to sleeping again at night. I have had one good night this month. I really wish there were more good nights to list. And to make me feel more pathetic- that good night’s rest was followed by a child throwing up the next day. So there is no rest for me this month.

Our roof started leaking on Halloween which caused some floor damage. Fun for us. Our front door also decided that it no longer wanted to stay the right shape so it warped even more than it already was and no longer locks unless we remove weather stripping in the door jamb. Brr. Wind is no fun coming in through the cracks! So we got the roof fixed, ordered a new front door, and finally after almost a whole month, fixed the floor in the dining room so we can use that room again. Just in case you drive by our house, our current front door looks atrocious because we have some different paint samples up on the door. It will be going away anyhow so I figured why not? Just know that we will not be getting the neighborhood curb appeal award until after our new door goes in.

On a positive note, I did not cook all of Thanksgiving dinner at home. We were invited to the Trionfo’s home (fantastic friends of ours who always are fun to hang out with) and they did half of the meal. We brought 4 dozen rolls, homemade cranberry sauce, lots of mashed potatoes, and red cabbage (which is a tradition I grew up with because my mother was born in Germany and everyone else just thinks I am weird but I love the stuff so it will show up in every one of my holiday meals till I die). It was a great meal and lots of fun was had there.

Some things we are grateful for this month:

4 mostly healthy children (darn ears!)
losing weight when the baby was born and now being able to get up easily (if you call it that) from bed multiple times at night to deal with a cranky baby
Cafe Rio
video games
a great job
living close to the canyons so we can hike, ski, play in them whenever we want
… and so much more that I can’t list it all

Here is a picture of Davis at 5 months. He is so darn cute, I cannot begrudge him his ear pain that causes me anxiety really…

From November 2010

Bath time still makes him happy

From November 2010

Rare documentation of him actually sleeping- he is pretty cute here.

From November 2010


Jennifer Wise November 30, 2010 at 7:26 a.m.

He is darn cute. Sorry he's been having such a rough time which makes such a rough time for you. :(

Melinda December 4, 2010 at 4:23 p.m.

He really is so so cute and I love that he looks like he fits right in with your other boys. They are all definitely brothers. Thanks for the posting pics. I love seeing them.