So I thought we were doing better, but Reece still keeps getting sick around 4 every day. Too bad we can’t skip that time of the day. I took him to the doctor today because 5 days is a long time for diarrhea and vomiting, but the doctor sent me home with the reassuring words of “you are doing your best and he isn’t dehydrated yet.” Too bad he can’t give us some sort of anti-nausea, or put me to sleep until it is all over.

So I still am exhausted but we are plodding along. I did have enough brain power left tonight to almost make dinner. I did think of something (thanks to Isaac) and had the oven preheating for fish sticks when Reece threw up and I had to abandon my efforts for dinner to instead clean up the mess. Poor kid. He still had an appetite for fish sticks after wards. He is amazing for a sick kid.