Like the proverbial frog in the pot of water, we didn’t notice an issue with the bathroom floor in the boys bathroom until it had become much more than just a simple jump-out-of-the-pot problem to solve. Neither Ily nor I can remember how or when it started, nor can we remember when we first noticed how bad it had become, but with the encouragement of a good friend, we finally faced it.

The vinyl floor had somehow curled up away from the edge of the bathtub in a small area so that there was a nice gap for water to seep into every time the boys took baths. We turned a blind eye for a while but when the wood underneath began to bow up and become visible we new we had a problem. Fortunately our friend, Brian, offered to help us get it fixed, and with his help (and tools!) it wasn’t too difficult.

Last Saturday (Dec. 7th) Brian and I took out the toilet, removed the baseboards, took off the door, ripped up the existing vinyl floor, scraped off all the glue, and exposed the floorboards. We discovered just a small area of just the top layer plywood that was warped and rotting. Brian used his circular saw to cut it out and then we cut a nice new piece to fit in its place. Finally, at that point, it became clear that we needed to commit to some new floor covering. So we sent Brian home and Ily and I went shopping. We ended up getting some glue-free sheet vinyl that looks like tile.

The glue-free part ended up being really nice. Monday I went to work early so I could come home and Brian and I could finish (Brian is on paternity leave, so I only interrupted his crossword puzzle work). We borrowed a flexible Japanese saw from Les (retired carpenter with a Home Depot’s worth of tools in his garage) down the street to undercut the door frame and cabinets since the new vinyl was just a bit thicker than the old. Then we made a pattern out of paper, took that out to the garage and laid it on our sheet of vinyl and began cutting. We did the final trimming in place in the bathroom and got it all to lay flat. As per the recommendations we also put a little double-sided tape under the edge of the vinyl along the bathtub and on the edge in the doorway. Then we put all the baseboard back on, dropped the toilet back in on a new wax ring, caulked and it was done. I was nervous and worried the whole time, but it actually looks really good. I put putty in around the new piece of plywood and sanded it good, but I was still afraid that you’d be able to feel the seam through the vinyl. I just checked though, and I couldn’t tell at all. In fact, the whole thing looks surprisingly good. I mainly give credit to Brian for that. Ily and I are thinking of tackling our bathroom with the same vinyl (we have enough of it) ourselves. We’ll see how that goes :-)

Here are a few pictures of the work:


Julie December 15, 2008 at 10:13 a.m.

The floor looks amazing! Good job!

Melinda December 15, 2008 at 10:53 a.m.

Ditto to what Julie said. Way to go guys, I am impressed. It looks great.