We’ve been a one-car family for two weeks now, and it’s not so bad. Not bad at all. I’m especially pleased that I finally had an excuse to get a new bike. I got a cyclo-cross bike because they are easier to put fenders on, are light like road bikes, and can still go off-road. Riding in the rain is so much better with fenders. I have no excuses now.

Having a road bike is new for me. It is so lightweight. The drop handlebars are fun when you are cruising down a hill, and it’s nice having all the different hand positions that they offer. The skinny, smooth tires are so much better on the road than knobby mountain bike tires. They almost roll by themselves. I feel like a real biker now, though I have not purchased any spandex clothing (yet?).

Isaac outgrew his bike and Micah was really ready for one himself, so we got Isaac a new bike and put the training wheels back on his old bike for Micah. His “old” bike is still in really great shape, and Micah doesn’t mind hand-me-downs from Isaac at all (yet?). The weather has been great for biking, and we are all pretty happy with our new toys, uh, ecological, earth-friendly vehicles. We just need to get Ily a bike now ;-)

Micah, Isaac, and I took pictures of our new bikes this afternoon. Micah took one of me without a bike too, as you can see. ... See my Tabblo>