Many of you have seen the pictures already, but I figured a more detailed write up would be helpful. We had a great Memorial Day weekend here around Vancouver. Saturday we went down to Washington Park new the Oregon Zoo and played at the playground. It was very crowded, but we had fun for a while. Monday we explored a new park nearby called Lucia Falls. It is northeast of town and took about a half hour to drive there. There was almost nobody there, which was a nice difference from our Saturday adventure.

There isn’t too much to the park, a walking trail through the woods that’s probably about a quarter mile, a small grassy area with picnic tables, and the Lewis River running over and through some rocks.

Lucia Falls is on the Lewis River north east of Vancouver.  We still aren’t sure if it’s pronounced “loo-see-ah” or “loo-shah.” ... See my Tabblo>

The water was pretty low, it hasn’t rained in a long time (for here), so there was a lot of exploring to do amongst those rocks. Isaac found about every path you could explore there. Ily, Micah, and I with Reece on my back just tried to keep up. It was really fun.

After we had our fill there, we drove further up the road to Moulton Falls. It was more crowded and the hike from the overflow parking looked like it would be too much for us that day. We were already tired. Next time!