So I bought this over priced baby carrier called a mei tai (pronounced may-tie) and I love it. It is basically an ancient Chinese design that is little known in the US, but is way more comfy than the Baby Bjorn and frame back packs. It can be worn with baby on front, on back, or on the hip. And it can fit just about anyone- fat, or skinny, or short or tall.

My friend Vicky saw it and decided that we could make them ourselves and so she used mine for a pattern. She actually did make it and so I said to myself, “if she can do that, by golly so can I.” Melinda tried my mei tai on also and liked it and she thought, I could make one of these too. Her husband Benj saw it as a money making opportunity and they have already created a website for us to sell these from! Melinda even made these great labels to sew onto each mei tai we make… our brand name is now going to be Baby Tai.

So far Melinda has made several and I have made a few and I am going to teach some girls at church how to make them this week for an Enrichment Activity. My goal is to get people wearing them so that other potential customers can see these great carriers and get curious about them.

We went to the zoo on Saturday just for fun because it was actually a beautiful sunny day here in the rainy Northwest. Melinda and I made sure to wear our “Baby tais” and wow did we get a lot of looks. A lot of people rubber necked even just to see what the name brand was! Melinda had a label on hers, but mine didn’t yet… you can bet it does now! I can definitely see that sight seeing could be a business expense from now on! As long as we are wearing our babies, we are advertising. Does that mean that I could make my zoo membership a business expense and call it tax deductible from now on?

Check out Benj and Melinda’s hard work on our new website!

They did a great job! Hopefully we can become millionaires off of this and outsource the production to Mexico… Benj has a few connections there.

I just hope that I don’t get the demented notion in my head that I need to keep having babies so that I can continue to “advertise” for the next twenty years.


Mindy Henry March 24, 2007 at 8:48 p.m.

Those baby tais look so cute! I love the fabrics. I'll have to keep them in mind when I have another baby! Good luck with selling them.

Ily March 24, 2007 at 10:18 p.m.

Thanks! They are really comfortable too! I am having my doubts about how excited I am about selling them. I just taught an enrichment class on how to make them and wow, I am now "sewed out." There were 7 people in the class and they each made one. We sure were at it for a long time! I wonder if I will tire of it because it takes so much time? It has potential though! Maybe we could make our millions this way.