We took a bunch of pictures this past week. The weather has been so good lately, and we’ve done some cool stuff. Isaac didn’t have school on Wednesday, and Ily needed to drop something off at the scout office, so she took the boys and headed into Portland. After the scout office they met Melinda and Jason and went to the Rose Garden. Click on the image below to see the pictures and get the rest of the story.

We had a day off this week and since we had an errand to do in Portland, we decided to go to the Rose Garden to play when we finished up.  The roses were not in bloom, but the rhodies were.
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After Isaac’s 9 AM soccer game on Saturday we realized we had the whole day ahead of us still. The weather wasn’t too warm, but it wasn’t raining, so we decided to rip out our grass and plant a garden. Why not? I mean, what else were we going to do with a perfectly good Saturday afternoon? Never mind that I had just returned to serious exercise Thursday and Friday after a long break and was already too sore to move, what’s a little manual labor ripping up sod and jamming a roto-tiller into our rock-hard clay soil on top of that? A darn nice looking piece of ground and not being able to get up for church the next day, that’s what. Click the tabblo below to see the damage done.

Since the sandbox is where our garden used to be, we needed a new spot.  We decided to just rip out some of our grass (I use “grass” loosely, it was mostly clover and weeds really) and put the garden next to our patio, under the kitchen window.  
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It was actually a lot of fun and we were amazed the boys were so engaged. Nothing like a little destruction, I guess. We’ll see if they are as excited about pulling weeds when the time comes.