There have been a few things that have made me feel very lucky, or blessed, lately. I thought I would share those things since you really must be waiting for our next blog entry with baited breath so I will gladly give you something to read.

#1 I own a lazy boy. I know, it’s a goofy thing to feel lucky about, but I do! a few years ago Bryan was helping someone move who decided they no longer wanted two blue lazy boy recliners. We ended up being the lucky new owners of them. These chairs are the perfect chairs to nurse a baby in. Ahh…. So Awesome.

#2 I felt inspired to buy an infant car seat for this new baby a few months ago rather than waiting until just before his due date. As a result, we had it already when he was born. Phew! No stressful shopping trips before we could bring him home!

#3 One of my best friends, Heather, was scheduled to come for a visit with her kids this week. Her kids and my kids are best of buds. In fact, Reece is convinced that her youngest is his brother. Super cute! I was bummed she would not get to meet the baby because she was coming so early before the due date, but in fact she did! The awesomest part about her is that she is a NICU nurse and has lots of experience with preemies. She helped me be calm about little things I did not know about preemies and their care and she took my kids all over the place while I ran back and forth from the hospital and later helped with the baby when he could come home. She was a lifesaver this week.

#4 My feet are not swollen anymore. The rest of me still is, but my feet are back to normal! Walking is no longer so painful- hurray!

#5 The day I gave birth is the day the heat started here. I do not have to be pregnant in the heat!

#6 This baby is my best nurser, which is strange considering he was premature. Plus, he may have to eat every 3 hours which is so tiring for me, but he goes right to sleep immediately when he is done.

#7 The boys adore him. There is no lack of loving for this baby. In fact they love him enough that they are thrilled to learn to take care of him! Woohoo for me! It is rather annoying that they fight to the point of tears over who gets to sit by the baby in the car, but that is something I can live with I guess.

#8 We have had so many people offer to help us during the crazy time surrounding Davis’ birth. We have had so many dinners and so many people offer to take our kids. They have all been so helpful!

I could go on and on, but you would get bored, so just know we are grateful for all the wonderful things that have been happening in these last few weeks.


Jennifer Wise July 14, 2010 at 7:07 a.m.

That is all really awesome! I'm happy for you! :)