This year we celebrated 13 years of wedded bliss.

The activities:

To celebrate I told Bryan that I don’t care if he thinks I am geeky for wanting to do this, but I will not settle for anything else but going to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and touring them on the Segways they rent there for way too much money. He thought that the gardens sounded lame, but the Segway element sounded awesome. So off we went to make my dream come true… And for some reason we had a freakish downpour. We got to the gardens and the rain had stopped, but we were told that it was too wet for the Segways to go out. BOOOOOO!!!! So to kill time we went to see the Avengers at the movie theater at Thanksgiving Point around the corner. This was something Bryan had been wanting to do and so his dream came true :-)

After the movie the ground was dry enough that we could go out on the Segways at the gardens and I have to say It. WAS. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. So fun! The gardens are lovely and even Bryan liked them, and touring them on Segways was so fun. Zoom, zoom, zoom! I think we saw it all. I think I want a Segway now too.

The food:

We were out all afternoon and evening for our date. We ate at Famous Dave’s for the first time ever for lunch and we loved it. We got some skinnylicious meals and they were great. We had a snack at the Museum Cafe at Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life which was rather boring, but served its’ purpose. For dinner we went to some fancy pants Italian Bistro off the highway and it was ok. I wish we had gone to Primo Restaurant right by our home in Cottonwood Heights, but we were hungry right then, and the Italian Bistro was right there… sometimes you make sacrifices that aren’t worth it after. If only we would have had the stomach to wait another 25 minutes until we got near home to go eat. Next time, I will not even dare try another Italian place! I have learned my lesson!

The Company:

It was nice to spend a most of a day together without kids. I love Bryan very much, it was so fun to get him all to myself for a day!