We went to Lucia Falls on Saturday. We had so much fun there last year and we were hoping for a repeat. It was much different this year. The water was a good 4 or 5 feet higher so the falls themselves were more impressive, but a lot less rocks were available for climbing on. It was also raining on and off, so the rocks that were there were slippery. Isaac and I ventured out a little ways but it was just too difficult to maintain footing. Instead we enjoyed the falls from the trail (for about 10 minutes before the boys got bored). Here’s a video we made:

After that we sat on the porch of the old building that is in the parking lot and watched it rain for a bit. The boys found a place where water was dripping off of the roof and stood under it with their rain coats. Then they took their hoods off and and stood under it. I told them we should have brought some shampoo and washed their hair right there. Once all three had soaking wet hair, we took it as our cue that it was time to eat lunch and head back home. Overall it was fun, but we’ll be glad when the rain stops and summer really comes.