At least one of the boys “hates” hiking, so I’ve been trying to think of different words to use. Adventure worked out pretty well yesterday. We went looking for Lisa Falls in Little Cottonwood Canyon yesterday, about 15 minutes from our house (maybe less). We even took Davis and Ily with us, and they did great. Our hiking adventure book told us the trailhead was at a small gravel pull-out on the north side of the road and that the trail marker often goes missing. After driving up the canyon the right distance we pulled out on the north side of the road where some cars were parked. The older boys jumped out of the van and ran up the trail that was there while Ily and I got Davis strapped to me in the babytai. Just as the boys disappeared around the corner some hikers appeared around that same corner and headed to their truck. Ily asked them if this was the trail to Lisa Falls and they told us, no, that’s farther up, this trail just leads to some good rock climbing spots. Since the older boys were already out of site we took off after them. They had found a small field of giant granite boulders (quartz monzonite, actually, for you geologists), probably left over from the quarrying that the early pioneers did in this canyon to get rock to build the temple and state capital with. The boys were climbing all over the boulders and exploring every nook and cranny. We told them this wasn’t the trail to the waterfall, but they didn’t care. Climbing on rocks was just fine with them. Ily and I sat down and watched the little mountain goat show and though we forgot the camera, my phone didn’t do too badly:

Just when we thought they might be ready to leave, they discovered little lizards crawling on the rocks, so we waited a little longer while they chased those around for a while.

It was really humid out for some reason (so much for the dry Utah heat we were promised), and the boys started to really sweat as they climbed around. At one point Reece said, “A tear just ran down my face. I think my brain is crying.” Finally we convinced them to come down and go find the waterfall. We drove to the next little gravel area on the north side of the road (after passing it and turning around a couple times), and it turned out there was a little rock with “Lisa Falls” carved on it, just sitting on the ground, near a trailhead. It was a short but very rocky trail to the falls. The falls themselves were nothing like what we’ve seen in the Northwest. It probably would have been a lot more impressive a month or so ago when the snow was still melting, but it was amazing to see the nearly sheer quartz monzonite (I can see why everyone just calls it granite) face that it cascaded down. That’s a much prettier rock than the brown volcanic basalt that’s all over The Northwest.

The spray from the falls was very refreshing and I’m sure it put a stop to Reece’s, uh, brain crying.

Our first foray up Little Cottonwood with all four boys was a success! Sorry we forgot to take a picture of me and Davis.