Well, not State Farm in this instance, but Country Companies insurance instead.

We have had some questions about insurance with Bryan’s job switch and needing to reevaluate how we allocate money to life insurance and stuff. We have a great home and auto insurance agent named Tim White who is always very helpful at explaining everything that we need to know, and a little more, about insurance. We have really liked having him as our agent. So I emailed him at 10 pm Sunday night while the questions were in my head. That way he could look at it at work later and get back to me when he had time.

Also at 10 pm Sunday night Bryan was investigating a nasty leak from our dishwasher… never a fun thing to have an appliance malfunction. Water came raining out of our dishwasher when we ran it last night and that is very bad actually. So we had to address it right away.

I noticed a few minutes after I emailed Tim that he had emailed back saying he was at work and that he could call us to answer our questions if we were still up. I emailed back saying we were still up because we had a dishwasher problem but that it would be a good time for me to talk since the kids were in bed and I would have very few distractions. So he called and he said it was bonus night because he has a ton of rentals and has to deal with dishwasher problems all the time so he helped Bryan over the phone with the dishwasher and me with insurance questions. He was on the phone with us until 11:30 at which point I was too tired to comprehend the math and statistics involved to understand any more about life insurance and the dishwasher had stopped raining so we were good and done for the night.

The moral of our story? What a helpful guy! Our 15 year old dishwasher now works correctly again (so far) and we know more about life insurance. I haven’t bought any life insurance from him yet, but I likely will tomorrow just because of the excellent dishwasher service he provided. That and he really does have deals that are not any more expensive than any other places we have researched and the company is decently rated. Man he was really there when we needed him.

Like a good neighborrrrrrrrrrrrr, Tim White is there…..