We bought new furniture that came in some great huge boxes. A big box is every child’s dream toy. Our boys were thrilled and so yesterday they got to start “designing” their “spy houses.” A door, a window, the essential peek hole so they can spy on each other… all in all, they were occupied almost all day with their boxes. It was great and helped us be free to unpack vacation stuff and rest up a bit since we have all been feeling yucky with what turns out to be strep throat for Bryan and the rest of us will visit the good doctor tomorrow to figure out what is ailing us too. (We all have different symptoms, but each is very grumpy because of whatever it is!)

Today the boxes entertained the boys yet once again while Bryan stayed home with them from church to keep the germs quarantined. I am going to paint you a picture now to describe one of the events from the morning. Isaac came in and told Bryan that they were now pretending that the boxes were pools, but that they were keeping their clothes on. A short while later, Bryan glimpses a naked Micah streaking across the backyard through the window. Bryan’s question of where Micah’s clothes were proceeded his actual appearance and by the time he got outside to find the culprit he could see the little guy disappearing into his box to put his clothes back on! I guess our three year old really gets into his creative play!

Ily got new shelves from Costco.  Once they were set up in the office, the boys got some new cardboard boxes to play with. ... See my Tabblo>