Remember how Isaac had a birthday this month? And how I blogged that he had the coolest party ever? Well, the month has flown by with lots of adventures and I have not even posted pictures of that party. So let’s go back in time to look at them. Pretend it is the end of August. Humor me.

In attendance were Isaac Murdock (of course), Kenny Ray, Liam Keldsen, and Oliver Recinos and their moms and all their siblings (that made 10 kids for three moms to keep from drowning in the falls).  The kids had a great time climbing all over the rock formations at Lucia Falls.  They even found frogs to catch.  And amazingly it was a beautiful day!  No rain!  Yay! ... See my Tabblo>

We really had a great time. I have forgotten how dangerous it was to take 10 kids to a place where they could plummet to their deaths in icy cold swiftly moving water at this point. Right now I only remember how happy Isaac was to have the party he wanted and how excited he was to show his friends this cool place. It was definitely a great memory maker.