Our house is getting to be 14 years old now and last year we had to start replacing all the original appliances. This year has continued in the same manner. Earlier this year we had to replace the spring in the garage door so it would even open again. This week’s repair is even more important than that, we had to get a new water heater. It started leaking this week. Not cool. Then it stopped leaking. Then it started leaking again.

We contemplated having Bryan install a new water heater with the help of friends, but then decided that since it was a gas appliance, we better let a professional do it since his install of a gas stove went ok… except that we kept smelling gas for a few weeks and ended up having a plumber come out anyway. For the record, the plumber said he did a great job, he just accidentally loosened one joint while tightening another and that is where the gas came from.

So we went and bought a water heater from Home Depot (the girl at the plumbing company suggested it to save some money) and set up a time for the plumber to come over. He came. He worked on it forever. Now we have a shiny new water heater in our garage to look at.

I keep trying to save up for new flooring and a new van, but thank heavens the van is still going for now and the floor is still bearable because our home seems to need much attention this year!

Wanna makes bets on what will go next?

Here are the choices:

Heating and Air conditioning
maybe a shower too

Person who wins gets a cookie mixed in my new bosch mixer and baked in my new oven and pulled out of the oven in oven mitts that have been laundered in my HE washer and dryer with water that was heated in our new water heater.


UPDATE Wow, a new water heater makes a huge difference! We have had horrible water pressure for months in our shower and it is back to normal! I guess that old water heater was really needing to be replaced. I took the best shower ever today… warm water, the perfect amount of pressure… Wow, it was like a spa treatment on a much cheaper level!


Steffenie April 4, 2008 at 11:17 p.m.

I say dishwasher!