This has been a busy weekend! And it isn’t even over!

This weekend G and G Murdock flew in. We took them to hike around Snowbird ski resort and we got to do lots of stuff thanks to Grandma and Grandpa while we were there. We did the tram up to the top of a very tall mountain (Why oh why do I forget I don’t like heights? It seemed like a great idea until I had to see that my 4 year old has no fear of heights and gets close to the edges which totally freaks me out…). We did the alpine slide, the bungee trampoline, the barrier free hiking trail, did a mining activity, and fed the fish. It was great. I even forgot my diaper bag and still managed to have a great time with out having the baby arsenal available at my fingertips.

We also took G and G to the neighborhood pool. I am sad to report that Reece swallowed too much water, threw it up, and they had to close the pool for half an hour thanks to us. Yep, it was real inconvenient and we will probably get TP-ed by disgruntled middle schoolers for it. Other than that, it was a great swimming experience.

Today we actually made it to church on time. We had extra motivation. Today we blessed Davis. They do that at the beginning of the meeting. Couldn’t miss that. It was a very special day. It was also special because today Isaac reached 1 decade old. He is pretty excited for reaching double digits and we had a nice dinner for him. We have LOTS of cake left over. Come on over to eat some please!

Isaac got a BIG bike from us for his birthday with some cool accessories. He now has his own lock with a combination that can be set to whatever he chooses and it can be changed too. It turns out he really likes that feature and has already changed the combination a zillion times and he has even forgotten the combo. I may curse that gift. He also got a water bottle cage and another bike computer that can measure speed and distance while he rides his bike. He also got yarn from Grandma Mona to support his hat knitting habit. He is formulating a business plan in which he sells his hats for high dollar. His party will be next week. We are taking some of his friends ice skating. It should be a fun day!

Tomorrow we still haven’t quite nailed down what we are doing. I am guessing it will be another busy day for us. I better go rest up for it!