Our next door neighbors are Korean.
They’ve been in the U.S. for about 4 years. The parents hardly speak
English, they always have their 17 year-old son translate, and he’s
still learning himself. I was doing a little patching up of
the fence between our yards today because there were a couple
windstorms this winter that hadn’t been too nice to it. Isaac was out
helping me, and the mom came out with a hand full of some kind of food
in red wrappers and gave them to Isaac. Very nice of her, I thought.
Later when Isaac and I tried them out they turned out to be these
delicious chocolate covered marshmallow things. I was very impressed, especially since I had been half expecting some kind of cabbage or seafood treat ;-)

According to the package they are Lotte Chocopies. The wrapper says,
and I am not making this up:

The Lotte Chocopie is soft biscuit with
the good taste of enrobing chocolate and more chewing marshmallow. We
are happy to serve the Lotte Chocopie with your pleasure. All your
base are belong to us

OK, so I added the last sentence myself, but the rest really is taken word-for-word from the wrapper. And they really were good tasting and more chewing. And did you know that enrobing is almost a real word?