Bear with me here as I share my random musings of the day.

In Sunday school we discussed if you can still make mistakes and sin even if you are keeping the commandments. I have decided you can definitely make mistakes. Some really big ones even. I do not claim to be perfect at keeping the commandments, but I am not too terrible. And boy did I make a HUGE mistake that I hate paying for. I washed my cell phone by accident in the washer this last week. The power button died on my cell phone thanks to it’s bath, so now how do I end phone calls? Also, how do I turn it on again after it has died when the battery runs out- which it does really fast now that I gave it an accidental bath? So now I had to go and buy a new cell phone which is $$$ I could have spent elsewhere, like on home repair and upgrading. Ouch.

We brought the rain with us to Utah. All spring it has been wet either with rain or really wet snow. Today I saw something I never thought I would see in Utah… Grounds keepers mowing the school lawn in the rain. Yes, we mowed in the rain all the time in the NW. It was normal to see. It was annoying, but necessary to do so your grass would not be knee deep by the time the rain finally stopped. So I thought I was getting away from the rain by moving to the desert but apparently not. Maybe this means we will have a very mild summer like we had back in the NW? Doubt it, but I can be hopeful, I am pregnant and all and due in August so I can wish.

One thing I will miss about my little boys when they are all grown up is the cowboy outfit. Many mornings over the years I have seen the fancy red snap up shirt and wrangler jeans and cowboy boots and cowboy hat that were given to us by my grandparents who lived on a ranch at the time be put on by my boys. I have marveled that they would actually be seen in public in that get up even. Each of them has taken a turn wearing it. They would wear it to school, preschool, the store, to play in… It is so cute I am glad to have one more boy to see wear the cowboy outfit. **** Reece this morning put on the cowboy outfit and said to me: “Mom, we need rope to go with my cowboy outfit. Why don’t we have rope?” I don’t plan to give you rope Reece because you or one of your brothers will likely get strangled, but I sure think it is adorable how you want to be an authentic cowboy.

Lastly, Why am I so darn scentsitive? Yes, that is right, I misspelled the word so that I could emphasize that scents bug me. I recently switched laundry soap to a HE laundry soap because we have a HE washer and after the repair guy came to fix the washer he reprimanded me for not using HE soap. Dang it, but I can’t find one that is unscented. For some reason the fragrance is driving me NUTS! Also, for some reason air fresheners are making me go nutty too. Anytime anyone sprays an air freshener in the house I just about go crazy because the smell bothers me so much. I can’t even handle the smell of food in the crockpot all day. It could be a pregnancy thing, but if this is permanent, I am in for a life of misery being bothered by good and bad odors.


Julie May 11, 2010 at 2:37 p.m.

I am so scentsitive too! I can't stand the smell of anything. Basically I can't stand being in my apartment at all ever. It always smells bad.

Jennifer Wise May 11, 2010 at 3:12 p.m.

I bet the scentsitivity is pregnancy-related. It was for me. And as far as Reece's rope... Don't I remember seeing some rope on the walls of your house that you could use??? LOL

Bryan May 11, 2010 at 3:15 p.m.

Jennifer, good point on the rope. We do need to take that off the walls eventually... so funny.

Steffenie May 12, 2010 at 11:34 a.m.

I know what you mean by the smells. When I was pregnant a certain hand soap made me sick, but now I think it is fine. I have always been scensetive to smells though. I think air fresheners and candles are actually agitating my cough. And strong perfumes or lotions either make me sick or sneeze! But I was also blessed with terrible sinuses so it blocks tons of smells!