Because this little pipsqueak of a baby named Davis caused such a stir with his arrival, I just want to write down a few things I don’t want to forget about his birth and the days after.

  • I drove myself to the hospital to give birth…. I drove myself there to make sure my water had not broken, which it indeed had, and then they would not let me leave. Bryan drove over to join me after he found places for the other kids to go and helped them pack overnight bags and such.
  • Neither of us had an overnight bag, I was ready with the other births, not at all with this one! I was smart enough to not wear my contacts that day though. Sleeping in contacts is rather awful. I am so glad I had my glasses! We made a list for Bryan to go home and get certain items for me after the first day but we neglected to add shirts to the list. So I ended up with 3 pairs of lounge pants, no shirts except the one I wore to the hospital, and some odd toiletries because I did not fill out the list to the T.
  • Our baby could not be in our room, he had to be in the Special care nursery from right after his birth until he was discharged. I had to go visit him in the nursery and ASK to hold him. I tried to change his diaper once and was asked not to. That could be one mother’s dream, but to me it was really weird. I found out later that the reason I could not change his diaper was that they have to weigh each one to see if he peed enough and what not. It would have been nice if that first nurse had told me the reason.
  • Bryan took my car when he left the hospital and the keys to both cars. When I was discharged I was in good enough shape (and off enough pain meds) to drive, but had no keys to do it with. We had a friend bring me my keys (and some shirts since those were missing from my overnight bag) and I actually drove myself home from the hospital too!
  • Bryan got strep for the 3rd time in a month the weekend that Davis was born. The first time Bryan got strep is because Micah brought the strep germs home from a friends’ house. To avoid reinfection, he got a new toothbrush, we washed every water bottle, we cleaned doorknobs and light switches, we took great care to not share food or drinks. But, he had gone biking before he knew he had strep and drank out of a certain water bottle that he keeps on his bike. Then he forgot to clean that bottle after he got better. He reinfected himself 2 more times before we figured out the water bottle was the culprit. Luckily, he does not have to get his tonsils removed and no one else got strep again this time around.
  • This baby has been my easiest baby so far. His pregnancy was my worst, but it really was rather short. From the time I knew I was pregnant to the time I gave birth was only six months. This is because I did not find out I was pregnant until I was 8.5 weeks along on Christmas Eve and then he was born 6 months later on June 24th… So I guess I can forgive him for causing so many discomforts because it wasn’t too long when you add it all up.
  • And last but not least… childbirth HURTS. I don’t want to forget that lest I decide another child might be fun. Because I better adopt if I think that we need another child.


Karen August 2, 2010 at 7:31 a.m.

Congratulations! I haven't done much blogging lately and totally missed your announcement. Four boys! We have a family in our ward with four boys. The mom was really bummed when she found out the last was not a girl but now she has decided that she loves having all boys.

I would call yourself lucky if the baby only nurses every 3 hours. Mine always nursed every 2 or less until they were old enough to eat solids.

Anyway, good luck with everything. I'll bet you are an awesome mom.