June was a surprising month for us. The kids got out of school and Ily decided to keep them busy with all three boys doing swim lessons and per Isaac’s request, ice skating lessons for he and Micah. Micah hated ice skating at first. He had to be bribed to go back. Now he LOVES IT! They keep wanting to go back for more practice. Ily found out that watching ice skating lessons is heaven because it is about 50 degrees F in the arena and feels great for a pregnant woman. Reece was sad he did not get to do the lessons so the boys have shown him some of the skills and he is doing fantastic for a 4 year old out on the ice. He will be taking lessons as soon as we are ready to head back out into real life again.

We celebrated Reece’s birthday this month and he turned the big 4! What a great kid he has been to have in our family. He has been complaining that our backyard is boring compared to our old backyard because this one does not have a sand box. So for his present we worked hard to make a new sandbox here (the word “we” is generously being used here- actually Bryan did all of the hard work though the rest of us helped some). Four years ago right before Reece was born we completed the first sand box. It was 6 ft x 8 ft and pure awesome. This one we made even bigger at 8 ft x 8ft (so a 4th boy would have plenty of room to play in it also) and we made a lid for it too. The sand box has been well received by our kids, the neighborhood kids, and no cats have been able to get in it so far. Success!

On June 24th, the day after all the swim and ice skating lessons were done, Ily’s water broke which brought on all sorts of surprises. We were surprised by her water breaking since she hadn’t been doing anything strenuous for a while now. We were surprised to have to be induced to have a baby that day since she was still 5 1/2 weeks from her due date. We were surprised that the baby was 6 lbs 10 oz and 18 inches long for being that early… and that his lungs were doing great… and that he actually had a fantastic suck reflex and starting nursing on day 3 and is doing great with that…. and that he was doing so well that he did not need to stay in an isolette (or incubator) nor on an IV for long, nor did he even need oxygen ever… and that he only had to stay in the hospital for 5 days… He did have some jaundice problems, but he overcame those quickly as well. We had low expectations for this baby and were prepared for the worst and he just surprised us at every turn. We should have named him Surprise. Instead we chose Davis Kalev Murdock.

Davis is a fantastic baby who is very calm and happily accepts all the loving he gets from his parents and brothers. Right now, he actually puts himself to sleep most of the time too. He is gaining weight just like he should. The pediatrician is just thrilled with how well he is doing and has told us to just treat him like a normal newborn now. In fact, she, as well as everyone else who has worked with him, wonders if my due dates were off. They could have been, but not by a month… maybe a week or at most two. He was early, but maybe not 5.5 weeks early.

We have felt so blessed that everything went well with the premature birth of our baby when it could have gone horribly wrong. We have been blessed by so many friends and neighbors and ward members who have helped us at this crazy time. Things have settled down quite a bit now and we are so happy to report we are quite boring again. Very tired, but rather boring which is nice for a change. Mark your calendars for September 5th. We will be blessing Davis that day and you are invited to come if you can.