The month of June brought some milestone birthdays for 2 of our boys.

First, on the 16th Reece turned the big 5. He will be starting kindergarten at the end of the summer which is the best part of being 5.

Last year, when Reece turned 4, I was not able to get a party together because “My wagon was draggin’” to borrow a phrase from a friend that I think describes perfectly how I felt. I was 6.5 weeks from my due date with Davis, we were focusing on getting Bryan ready for scout camp, Isaac to cub day camp, the boys were doing swim lessons and ice skating lessons, and I was content to wait for those lessons to get over with before I threw a birthday party in the mix. Unfortunately, the day I planned to hand out invites is also the day I gave birth to Davis. At which point, I was not in a position to even think about throwing a birthday party. Reece has not let me forget that I forget his birthday last year. So a party HAD to happen this year.

This years party involved flooding the sandbox with friends, filling up the baby pool for some splashy fun, and using the slip-n-slide. I made a sandcastle cake that was pretty cool and the kids loved it. Not much cake was eaten, but the towers made of ice cream cones were snatched up quickly. He felt special. He already was special, but he really liked to be reminded of it too.

Next up on the 24th, Davis celebrated his 1st birthday. That is right, we have survived the first year with baby #4. You have all read about his surprising entry into this world, so I won’t bore you with birth story details. I will say that I am glad we survived the first few weeks of preemiehood, the super simple yet still tiring actual newborn weeks where he was perfect, the next few months of colic until we figured out he had reflux, the next phase of loving our Prevacid and Mylanta cocktails before bedtime that helped calm the reflux, and now the really cute toddler stage. Davis has done all sorts of things differently than our other three kids. He teethed at 10 months rather than 4 which has led me to have to relearn what to do with a teething child because what works for a 4 month old, does not work for an older baby. Because he got teeth so much later, I had to relearn what to feed babies too. The other boys were chomping on apples at 8 months, Davis could not. He did not learn to sleep through the night until almost 12 months unlike the others. He got hooked on the Green hospital binkies which I swore I would never let a child do because they are harder to find at stores. He only got 2 ear infections, unlike getting one every 6 weeks to 2 months like his brothers. I can say he was just as hard on babysitters as Micah was though. Micah could not be left without hours of tears, and Davis has been the same. He seems fine for the childcare at the rec center, but everyone else, he screamed for. Except for my neighbor Kami. She is a NICU nurse and practically a baby whisperer. She is amazing. She could handle him for an hour here and there so I could take care of business elsewhere. Other than that, he was a momma’s boy just like Micah. He seems to have grown out of that now that he is getting older and feeling better (as he grows out of the reflux problems).

Davis’ party was a repeat of Reece’s party with a different crowd. We invited neighbors rather than his peers. Other 1 yr olds are not too interested in parties I think. Why invite too many? Davis had a great time sliding into the baby pool with the neighbor kids, splashing around, eating sand, ice cream and cake, and being snuggled by all who came. It was fun. I like fun.

So now we get to count down to 18 months when Davis gets to go to nursery.


Julie July 4, 2011 at 2:55 p.m.

Who is that chubby baby?!?!? Love the pictures and I can't believe how big and filled out Davis has gotten. We love you all!