Lots has been going on this month that has not been blogged. We drove to Oklahoma, which was documented but after that we did stuff do, but were too tired to really write it up until it was family newsletter time and we had to turn in our entry. So pardon me as I actually cut and paste from the newsletter…

We have filled the rest of our month with blueberry picking, too much game cube, playing outside, and general recovering from our OK trip. We did dog sit Trixie again and the boys thoroughly loved it. Some day I would love a dog! Trixie played keep away with Reece’s binky which was completely hilarious (aside from the heartache felt by the littlest one at our house). We also implemented a chore chart to help me not go insane this summer. We bought a new bed this month. King size and so much better than the other one (a sleep number bed). I actually want to go to bed these days. Usually I want to stay up late doing stuff, but I am excited to go to sleep now! It feels so good to sleep in that bed! We also painted our bedroom finally. Since I want to be in there on our new bed, I wanted the room to be more comfy and inviting with a fresh coat of paint. We chose a light blue color. It is the last room in our house to need painting. It took me five years to get through the whole house. So now I get to start over painting or I get to work on floors or something else. While shopping for a new bed, we found out that sleep number beds have had a problem with getting moldy and that there has been some unfavorable media out there about them recently. So when we made room for the new bed, we opened up the old sleep number bed and found it had mold too. This would explain headaches and general bad sleeping as of late. So we contacted the Select comfort company and they are sending us replacement mold-resistant parts for free which add up to a whole new mattress. That is amazing customer service. Especially since we bought that bed used on craigslist and weren’t the original owners. And now we have no place for it since we got a new bed for us so it will just have to be a good guest bed that gets blown up occasionally. Anyone want to come stay and try it out? Or more importantly, anyone want to buy it? The weather is insane here in Vancouver. Earlier this month Benj and Melinda (our brother and sister in-law) stayed at our house while we were out in Oklahoma so they could hang out in our A/C during a heat wave. Then on July 29th we actually had to turn the HEAT on because it was too chilly inside and very chilly outside! We have had a “why stay here in the Northwest?” moment. Isaac gets baptized next month on September 6th. He is excited for this event and for seeing all of his family. We have been planning the program with the other family that is involved and I am getting very excited. This is going to be a really cool event! I can’t believe I am old enough to have an 8 year old! Reece is officially a “ food stuffer.” I have heard of other kids who do this, but I thought they were myths really. Now I have one. A “food stuffer” is a kid who stuffs his mouth so full of food that he can’t really even chew. Reece has taken to stuffing his mouth with dry cereal and snacks at church which gets very messy very fast. As he realizes his mouth is too full, he starts to let the food dribble out and down his chin onto his clothes (yes it looks just as icky as it sounds). I could care less about this on play clothes, but I am not happy with it on his church clothes. He is getting pretty darn loud if we try to limit his stuffing so we now have joined the ranks of families with unruly toddlers. At dinner one night Reece accidentally burped REALLY LOUD and sent the boys into fits of giggles. He thought he was so funny that he kept fake burping thru the rest of dinner so he could get more laughs and attention. We tried not to laugh as good responsible parents should, but it was impossible to keep straight faces. I worry that we have created a burping maniac now! Isaac and Micah have started summer soccer and are having a ton of fun with that. Micah is a regular brute on the playing field and he loves it. He is confident enough to chase the ball down and steal it from others and even score a goal, yet goofy enough to just sit on the field occasionally and act like a nut when he gets bored. Isaac’s games are getting more interesting to watch since they are playing with more strategy and rules. They have positions that they play and they have more skills that they use. Reece always thinks he is on the team too, so we always have to bring a ball for him to games and practice. As long as every boy has a soccer ball, everyone is happy at our house.