July was rather boring in that we had a newborn baby and could not really go out and do a ton to enjoy that month.

The highlights:

  • Hiked to Doughnut Falls up the Big Cottonwood Canyon that we live at the mouth of. The doughnut shaped rock at the top of the falls fell down just before Davis was born so that waterfall may just get renamed soon.
  • Part of the family went to the grand parade in Provo with Bryan’s sister and her family. They enjoyed it.
  • Got to see Melinda, Bryan’s sister, and introduce her and her family to our tiny little baby who looked minuscule compared to her big 7 month old, 17 lb, twin girls. Her girls are so cute!
  • Grandma Mona was able to come from Oklahoma to meet Davis and help out for a few days. In house help is divine. She went home very tired indeed after spending so much time with 4 grandsons and a tired and cranky daughter.
  • Bryan and I celebrated our 11th anniversary. We went out for dinner at a fancy restaurant near us called Tuscany. It was delicious. We have had better anniversary dates so I won’t bore you with details like how we were so tired from having a preemie that we can’t remember if we even talked to each other during the meal.
  • We went to the Cottonwood Heights Butlerville/Pioneer Day celebrations. We got to eat a pancake breakfast with neighbors, see a parade, go to a carnival, and watch fireworks. Since they baby slept through all of the fun during the day, I got to stay up all night with him afterwards.
  • We took many naps during this month. We had a few days that no naps could be had and those were much more difficult days than others. Why do all the neighborhood kids show up on the days when I am so tired and was not able to get a nap? Oh wait, they are the reason I could not get a nap…
  • To get some rest and let the boys get some activity into their days, we paid the teenage neighbor boy to take our kids out. He took them to the pool, ice skating, and even to the movies. What a great kid to have around.
  • Ordered a ton of take out food thru Salt Lake City Waiter. We were given a gift card from Bryan’s parents for them. You can order from a number of restaurants that don’t normally deliver and they will bring it right to you. We are hooked now. Sadly, I don’t know if I will ever cook again thanks to these guys. SLC waiter saved us from starvation, but further reinforced my habit of not cooking since we have moved to Utah.

The month of July was pretty much a month of survival. Didn’t do much. Didn’t cook much. Didn’t really go anywhere. I was caught jumping the fence to the bishop’s backyard one day though. He waved at me through his back window as we snuck through his yard to avoid going down a steep hill and back up again after going on my first walk around the block since the baby has been born. It was easier to hop the fence than do that hill I tell you. bishop made sure to tell everyone at ward council about it the next day. That is the most exciting thing that really happened.


Vernon August 30, 2010 at 8:20 a.m.

Mmmm. Tuscany. We love that place too. They have a wonderful pork chop and tasty garlic mashed potatoes.

Bryan August 31, 2010 at 11:28 p.m.

I had the porkchop. It was huge, and pretty good. I had an Italian meatloaf there once (not really like American meatloaf at all) that's still my favorite.