We have had a great time here in Kennewick for Julie’s wedding. It was wonderful and we are very happy for them. I think I’ll let Ily write up her more detailed and romantic version of things when she gets a chance. I mainly wanted to point out that the pictures that we took have all been uploaded to tabblo. I’ve made two tabblos out of the pictures. One is just a quick throw all 123 pictures onto one tabblo. They aren’t really in a good order, but you can see them all and view the slideshow and stuff. Check it out:

And here is one that I spent a little more time on, getting the pictures in roughly chronological order. These are all the ones we took at the temple while waiting for them to come out, when they came out, and then some after they came out while the portraits were all being taken.

Friday, August 3rd, 2007 at the Columbia River Temple. ... See my Tabblo>