Oh Boy, I’ve got Joy, I do. Do you?” I have that little song from Joy School stuck in my head today. Out of the blue I decided to pull out my Joy school stuff and do some of it with Reece today. He is in a preschool two days a week, and doesn’t really need it, but I do. I need something organized to do with him that we can both enjoy. And enjoy it we did. We did some riddles, learned a song, song some old favorite songs, read a book about the topic, and had a great time. I was the perfect thing to do during Davis’ nap time with Reece.

I was enjoying spending time with him so much that we made a treat together too. Reece’s girlfriend, Tabby from next door, even joined us making the treat. The kitchen was a mess, but the treat turned out yummy. What treat you ask? Red velvet cake balls… a divine Bakerella recipe. It was totally yummy. I will never get back to my pre-pregnancy state with websites like Bakerella out there! Oh Pioneer Woman, why did you send me her way?!

I actually feel like a good mother today. I think I will do more Joy school with Reece just so I can enjoy being with him before he starts kindergarten next year. That seems so soon!

I also had a greater measure of success today trying to teach the cub scouts how to do the Eesti Stick dance Tikkuristi during the gathering activity at cub scouts this afternoon. While I did that for half an hour I left the younger kids with a neighbor and Davis did great, but he did miss me. It turns out he doesn’t scream for others, but he does not relax. He was fine, but he melted into happy oblivion as soon as he was back in my arms and fell asleep smiling immediately. I am loved!


Jennifer Wise October 7, 2010 at 6:18 a.m.

Those days are so precious. I love those days when you actually feel like a good mom--they're rare for me! I'm so glad you are doing such fun stuff with Reece. I know what you mean--preschool is not just for the kids. I always felt like that, like I was doing something REALLY VALUABLE with my kids and that it was good for both of us. I LOVE Bakerella's website, too. So amazing!!

Mindy H. October 13, 2010 at 5:52 p.m.

I love joyschool Ily! I've been pulling out some of the lessons to do with W. this year too. Such fun memories you're making with your kids.