We had our furnaced inspected as part of getting ready to sell the house, and we learned that our inducer assembly, or draft inducer, or induced draft assembly (it has many names) was cracked. It was going to be $530 to have it replaced, and in Washington you can’t even buy the part if you aren’t some sort of licensed HVAC person. After taking a look at it myself, and doing some research online, I learned that it was an incredibly simple part to replace, if only I could find a place to buy it.

Fortunately for us, Oregon is nearby, and it’s legal there to sell furnace parts to civilians. I called a couple stores and found an inducer motor for our furnace for $466 at AAA Heating & Cooling. Expensive, but less that having someone else install it. Micah and I made the trip to Portland, picked up the part, and in about 20 minutes I had the old inducer out and the new one in.

You should never price compare after the fact, but now that I’m practically a draft inducer expert, I couldn’t resist. I searched online and discovered that I could have ordered the same part for about $200 less, even including shipping. Next time I’ll know.


dad murdock October 13, 2009 at 8:02 p.m.

Now when you go off to SLC you will be assured that your family will have heat.